Mahesh Hatwar

Mahesh Hatwar, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. His native is Hodrali. He is involved in grooming the youths to take up challenges through mentoring in their carrier. He has organized several cricket matches in the community. Supported the youths to form team and encouraged them to participate in different tournament from several years. His great strength is networking and believes in capitalizing the strength to take all endeavors to next level.

Suhas Upadhya

Suhas Upadhya, is serial entrepreneur.He is playing cricket from last 15 years regularly. He has participated in several tournament organized by different associations. He is the back bone of the cricket team. He associates with the youth group and make the environment livelier. Has the passion to take the cricket to next level by bringing more professionalism in organizing and executing the matches.

Karthik Kundapur

Karthik Kundapur is an entrepreneur who holds BE in mechanical engineering, and has served on board with several MNC’s. His native is Kumbri. He believes in team work and he is serving as a director in a housing cooperative society. He has also involved in organizing cricket tournaments within the community. His vision is to extent the glory of Magani community culture in a national level platform.

Subramanya Puranik

Subramanya Puranik, Practicing Chartered Accountant, His native is Beejadi. He is a passionate organizer of the cricket. He has organized several cricket matches in the community from last 6 years. He is involved in managing and encouraging the team to participate in the tournament. Mantra of life is Channelizing the youth’s energy to build good network, enriching everyone involved and thereby giving back something to society.

Annaji Beliya

Annaji Beliya , community social worker. His native is Beejadi. He encourages the magane candidates to take part in the cricket matches. He coordinates with the passionate cricket franchiser and the enthusiastic cricket player. He is organizing “Yakshagana” class for magane youngsters. He is honored with “Sri Puthige Prashasthi” for his contributions in social activities.